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Book review: Beaded Chains & Ropes

You all know that bead embroidery is my thing, not so much beadweaving.  Although I enjoy beadweaving from time to time, it just never enthralls me the way embroidery does.  Except...

Except for beadweaving ropes.  I could spend time almost everyday weaving ropes, and I'd be happy (as long as I still had time to embroider).  There is something hypnotic, mind-freeing, and relaxing about beading a rope.  Sometimes they are tricky to get started, but once you've got the first few rows done, the rhythm kicks in and the zen descends!

I also love ropes because they're a great way to feature favorite pendants or art beads.  Now Karin Van Voorhees has put together a collection of really nice chains and ropes by a talented collection of designers, called appropriately Beaded Chains & Ropes.  All the major stitches are represented, including herringbone, brick, peyote, square, ladder, RAW and cubic RAW, crossweave, spiral, circular netting, Russian spiral, St Petersburg chain, daisy chain, bead crochet, and kumihimo.

For a quick refresher on the stitches, just turn to the back!  This is Kalmbach publication, so you know the quality of the illustrations and photos is excellent, and the instructions are easy to follow.  Some of the projects have been previously published in Bead & Button magazine, but quite a bit is new specifically for this book.

As for me, I'm inspired to maybe try some new spirals!

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