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Albion stitch spark plug

Last year, I wrote a review for the book Introducing Albion Stitch, written by Heather Kingsley-Heath.  I liked how thorough the book was and I also liked all the projects that Heather included.  Albion Stitch is not difficult to do, but I recommend you get Heather's book so that you can see all of the variations she includes.  I will not teach the stitch in this tutorial, because it's not mine to teach, but you can take a look at either of these online resources if you need specifics.
And then you should still buy the book!  :-)

Introducing Albion Stitch
Free pattern on Heather's blog
Pdf from F+W Publishing

1. Anchor a row of seed beads around the middle of the spark plug.  Add a row of albion stitch, spacing it at regular intervals around.


2. Add as many rows as you need or want, to reach the top of the spark plug.

3. Go back to the bottom and embellish the structure as you desire.  I used large e-beads, crystals, and glass rounds.

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