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Book review: Discover Torch Enameling

Here's a wonderful new skill for you to add to your jewelry-making repertoire!  In Discover Torch Enameling, Steven James teaches you from the ground up how you can make your own colorful components, pendants, charms, and wired shapes.  Although torch enameling isn't as difficult as you might think, there are technical and safety concerns to be aware of, and Steven guides you through them while still maintaining a light-hearted approach.

All the technical and basics information is right up front in the introduction, and then it's on to the projects.  Twenty-five projects are divided into five categories: projects to get you started and let you gain confidence; playing with different finishes, including raku; enameling wire shapes; manipulating the shape of metal; and creating enameled connections.

My favorite project is probably the raku bracelet shown just above.  Since you are using burning paper and leaves, you never know exactly how the pieces are going to turn out.  Whether you have done some enameling in the past and want to improve your skills, or if it's all new to you, this book full of projects may be just what you've been looking for!