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Amethyst tree necklace tutorial - part three

Over the last two weeks, I have showed you how I put together the centerpiece of this bead embroidered necklace (links at the bottom).  Finally this week, I want to show you how I made necklace strands that would echo the colors of the center, but not compete with it for attention.

15. On the center of a long piece of beading wire, I added enough seed beads to loop through one of the bails.  I used a crimp tube, covered with with a large-holed glass bead, and filled that bead with tiny little seed beads for stability.

16. I strung each strand of wire separately, bringing them together in the middle through a small donut of amethyst.

17. I worked to keep the colors, textures, and sizes of the beads balanced on the strands, larger beads towards the bottom, and smaller towards the top.

18. At the end of one strand, I added chain and a handmade wire hook.

19. At the end of the other strand, I added chain and a wire dangle.

20. And here is the finished piece, adjustable in length to accommodate different necklines.

Check out Part One - the design and Part Two - the edging if you missed them!

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