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Bracelets projects galore! - beadweaving and stringing

Here's the next installment in my round-up of bracelet projects that have been posted over the years.  Check this link for fiber bracelet projects, and this one for wirework bracelet projects.

Spiral herringbone bangle

A wire bracelet featuring beaded beads

Easy seed bead woven bracelet

Crystal bead bracelet

Cobalt and crystal bracelet

Black jasper and crystal bracelet

Zig-zag bead bracelet

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Susan Brandit said…
I am really loving the whole post as you have presented some really exotic piece of jewelry which can rock the look, as i have purchased many Bracelets for men's, I loved the Spiral herringbone bangle in your collection as it can be worn with both casuals and formals. The cobalt and crystal one can be auctioned as it is so graceful.
Looking forward for your next post.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you Susan. I think if I were going to make the spiral herringbone for a man, I would use a slightly larger gauge of wire and add a couple more beads to each round :-)