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Zig-zag bead bracelet - a tutorial

Becky Guzman has an article in the February 2017 issue of Bead&Button, which took me right back to Girl Scout camp!  Do you remember making chevron bracelets with some rawhide cording, large holed beads, and some soldered jump rings?  The ones Becky shows are much much prettier, but they're based on the same pattern that has been around forever.  Clever girl...she has created a chart will help you figure out all the sizes and counts for your beads, leather, and rings.  Buy this issue: you are going to want all of Becky's helpful tips, the chart, and all the variations that she comes up with!

I decided to experiment a little bit with some waxed linen cord instead of leather.  I had these cute little copper hex links that I used instead of soldered jump rings, and I chose two colors of crow beads, making a double wrapped bracelet.  Although you can see the holes in the hex links quite easily in my photo, they are not very noticeable when the bracelet is being worn.  I used about 50" of cording, doubled, to make a bracelet this long.  It does take a bit more cording than you would initially think because of the zigging and zagging.

The cording is slipped through a button shank and folded in half.  Beads are added to alternating cords, with a ring added to both cords in between each bead.  That's it.  Just keep the tension consistent.  Tie a couple of knots at the end to create a slot for the button to slide through, and decorate the cord ends as you wish.

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