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Book review: Jewelry Made with Wire and Fiber

Perhaps you remember Nealay Patel from the beautiful projects in his book Jewelry Designs with Knitted Wire (here's my review).  There are so many things to like about Nealay's design aesthetic and his work, so you will be as happy as I am to learn that he has written a brand new book, bringing wire, fiber, and beads together into gorgeous new projects!  Enter Jewelry Made with Wire and Fiber.

If you've been beading for any length of time, you probably already have most of the tools and materials needed to work through these projects.  But here's the best part: although these projects are all very easy to make, they are BIG on style! You might need to add a mandrel or a jig to your tool kit, and perhaps you'll need to find some of the flat and round fiber cords that Nealay uses, but resources are listed, so don't worry.

Nealay gave me permission to share a few of the projects with you so that you'll be able to see how pretty they are.  See that bracelet up above?  The body of it is made from round fiber cord!  Isn't that great?  It's called the Aura bracelet.  And below you'll see a pair of earrings, called the Picasso earrings, that are made from the flat fiber cord.

Just in case you're still worried that these will be too complicated to make, here's an example of how Nealay lays out the instructions: super-clear photos with the steps carefully explained:

So whatcha waiting for?  Fifteen stylish and easy projects that will open a whole new world of design possibilities are waiting for you!