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A new bead stitch to try - flat chenille stitch

I like to spend at least some time in the summer learning something new.  I have not done flat chenille stitch before, although I have occasionally thought about it and have admired the cloth-like pattern it creates.

It turns out, it's not hard!  But it is tricky, and the tension is important.  Once you get started, there are four rows that you keep repeating.  If you have a problem with your tension, like I did here, you might want to think about planning on pulling out the first few rows when you're finished.  But honestly, I think in the next sample I make, now that I understand how the rows work and can feel the rhythm of the stitch, I don't think these slack areas will even happen.

You can find the instructions for flat chenille stitch in the August/September 2017 issue of Beadwork Magazine, in an article by Diana Balogh.  You can also find instructions for the stitch, but not Diana's project, online at Interweave.


Robbie said…
I'm honestly not that familiar with a lot of the beading techniques...this one is cool! Now to try and remember if/when I get back to creating jewelry! Thanks again for the share!