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Pink yarrow, Flame, and Greenery pendant - part two

Last week, we looked at one of the season's hottest trends with the best of the season's colors - a statement pendant necklace.  We went through the steps of putting the basic necklace together, and today we're going to look at an easy way to fancy-up the pendant itself.  You'll find the complete materials and tools list in last week's post (link above).

8. Cut 16" (or more, depending upon how many wraps you'd like) of the pink 20 gauge wire.  I found it convenient to wrap it around the bail post in the back, that is, the part that sticks into the drilled hole of the agate slice.  From there I wrapped it several times around the slice, moving towards the bottom, and then finally brought the wire straight up the back to wrap it a few more times around the bail.  Clip off the excess wire.  Don't worry that your wrapping around the agate may be loose.

9. On the front (and the back too, for that matter), grab the wires carefully in a few places with the chain nose pliers and give a gentle twist.  This will tighten up the wires.  Be very careful not to chip the finish on the wire.  You can use nylon jaw pliers or wrap the jaws in masking tape temporarily if you'd like.

10. Using Nymo beading thread, tie it to one of the wires you'd like to decorate, leaving a tail of about 4 inches.  Add size 8/0 seed beads along the wire using brick stitch.  You'll have to add two beads for the first stitch, and then one bead for each following stitch.  Make sure you have an even number of beads when you finish.

11. Add picot stitches at both the top and the bottom of each size 8/0 seed bead.  I used three size 11/0 seed beads, in matte pink and iris bronze.  Tie off the end of your beading thread.  Use a small drop of Hypo-Cement to seal the knots.  Work each thread end back through a few stitches and tie off again.  Dot with cement, and once it is thoroughly dry, snip the thread ends close.

12. Decorate as many of the wires as you like.

13.  The chain and clasp make this an adjustable necklace.  Once the trend of wearing them long has passed, you'll be happy to find you can still wear your necklace shorter!

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Mia said…
It's a stunning necklace, my friend! I love it!
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, Mia! I love happy colors :-)