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Chandelier-style optical lens pendant necklace - part two

Last week, I showed you how to make an optical lens pendant that matches the popular chandelier-style earrings you see everywhere this Spring and Summer.  This week we'll finish up the project by making a simple but elegant necklace to go with it!

Materials for necklace: 
Beads of your choice for the necklace strand.  I used:
52 - 8x4mm fire-polished Czech crystal rondelles
6 - 4mm fire-polished Czech crystal rounds
9 - 8mm fire-polished Czech crystal rounds
Size 8/0 seed beads
2 - 2mm sterling silver rounds
sterling silver bead caps
Pendant bail with loop
sterling silver cones
24 inches beading wire, .019 inch diameter
crimp tubes
6 inches 18 gauge sterling silver wire
3 inches sterling silver chain
jump rings
Lobster claw
Head pin

2 alligator clips
Wire cutters
Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Measuring tape
Small paint brush
Hole punch, 1 ½ inch (optional)

Creating the necklace:

1. Push the pendant slide to the center of your beading wire.  Place an alligator clip on one side to secure it.

2. String the first half of your necklace in any way that pleases you for approximately 8 inches.  The pattern I used is as follows: Bead cap, 5 rondelles alternating with seed beads, another bead cap; 4mm round, 8mm round, 4mm round; bead cap, 21 rondelles alternating with seed beads, bead cap; 3 – 8mm rounds.  Finish with an alligator clip to hold the end.

3. Remove the first alligator clip and string the other side.  Add a clip to that end.  Add a jump ring to the pendant slide.

4. Cut the 18 gauge wire into 2 pieces.  Make a small turned loop in one end of each piece with the round nose pliers.  Slide a crimp tube onto each end of the beading wire.  Pass the wire through the loop and back down through the crimp and a couple of beads.  Pull it snug, crimp the tube, and cut off the excess beading wire.  Bury the ends in the next bead.

5. Slide a cone onto each 18 gauge wire and push it down to cover the crimp.  Create a wrapped loop at the top.  Wrap one of them around the end of the chain.

6. At the other end of the chain, add a wrapped loop dangle that you create on a head pin.

7. At the other end of the necklace, add a jump ring and the lobster claw clasp.

8. Add the pendant to the jump ring attached to the pendant slide.

Part one - making the pendant

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