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Chandelier-style optical lens pendant necklace - part one

With chandelier earrings being so popular right now, there are more interesting filigree findings available than ever before.  By cutting one of them in half with my trusty wire cutters, I now had the means to create a necklace that would match the style of many of my earrings.

This week I'll show you how to make the pendant, and next week, we'll put it together into a necklace!

Materials for pendant:
Optical lens (email beadingarts at gmail dot com)
Plain white paper
Clear fixative spray
Polymer medium or jeweler's resin
Silver filigree piece
3 – 2 inch head pins
5 - 4mm fire-polished Czech crystal rounds
1 - 8mm fire-polished Czech crystal rounds
6 - 2mm sterling silver rounds
3 sterling silver daisy spacers

Materials for necklace: shown next week
Beads of your choice for the necklace strand.  I used:
52 - 8x4mm fire-polished Czech crystal rondelles
6 - 4mm fire-polished Czech crystal rounds
9 - 8mm fire-polished Czech crystal rounds
Size 8/0 seed beads
2 - 2mm sterling silver rounds
8 sterling silver bead caps
Pendant bail with loop
2 sterling silver cones
24 inches beading wire, .019 inch diameter
2 crimp tubes
6 inches 18 gauge sterling silver wire
3 inches sterling silver chain
2 jump rings
Lobster claw
Head pin

2 alligator clips
Wire cutters
Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Measuring tape
Small paint brush
Hole punch, 1 ½ inch (optional)

Creating the pendant:

1. Choose a picture that will fit the 1 ½ inch size of the optical lens, or manipulate one with photo imaging software.  Print out on quality white printer paper.  Spray the picture lightly with fixative and let it dry.

2. Assemble all the beads, tools, and other materials that you will be using.  Choose beads that will enhance your picture.

3. Cut out picture with a 1-1/2 inch hole punch or scissors. Cut out a 1-1/2 inch-circle from plain white paper too.

4. Apply a thin coating of polymer medium to the back of the optical test lens, brushing from the center outward to the rim. Quickly center and stick the picture down with the picture facing the glass, burnishing with your finger from the center outward to the rim.  Set it aside to dry 

5. Snip your filigree piece into the shape you want.  Create three dangles as shown  on the headpins, and attach them to the filigree with wrapped loops.

6  Apply a thin coat of polymer medium to the back of the picture and stick the filigree piece with the dangling beads in place at the bottom of the lens.  Let it dry.  Apply another thin coat of polymer medium and cover with the plain white paper circle. Let it dry and coat the back of this circle with a final thin layer of polymer medium or resin.

Next week: Part two - the necklace

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