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Beadwoven flower pendants from dagger beads

I don't often make pieces using other people's instructions, but I had to make an exception for this pretty little pendant that Nora Toth designed for the June 2018 issue of Bead&Button!  Above on the right is the one that I made following her instructions, but then I decided to change it up slightly.  I didn't really like how the back row of daggers was covered, even though it does make the flower wonderfully full.  So I made a second one, shown on the left, using shorter beads for the top row.  Since the leaves that I used were thicker than the daggers, I used only one bead in each top spot rather than the two that the original directions call for. 

Either way, the pendant is very pretty.  A few weeks later, though, I ended up reworking the blue one, as shown below.  I would recommend pips, leaves, or chilis for your top row of petals if you want to make it like I did.   

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Tammy Powley said…
Those dagger beads are unusual shape, so it's nice to see a technique that uses them. You definitely did justice to her design.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, Tammy! I've had them hanging around for quite awhile. It was great to finally find a way to use them.