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An indespiral bead rope necklace

More spirals, more beadweaving, more ropes!  Summer is almost over, and I am trying to fit in as many more ropes as possible.  I've been super-busy with other projects, so this one was probably the wrong one to choose, because it takes longer than some to achieve the length, and it also takes more time than some to get to the point where the alternating rows of stitching become automatic.  But I love it so very much that I couldn't resist :-)

Aleta Ford Baker came up with the Indespiral and wrote about it in Bead&Button magazine back in October 2005.  "Inde" stands for increase-decrease, which is what allows the peyote stitching to end up with this awesome spiral.  It is also extremely stiff and can be used to form free-standing pieces, which is what inspired Aleta in the first place.  You can find her tutorial in her Etsy shop, Aleta Ford Baker Design!

Anyway, I stitched a long tube using two colors of size 11/0 round Czech seed beads, and then added the cones, chains, and clasps the same way as I showed you here in a previous tutorial. 

I'm getting close to the end of the summer!  Soon I'll have to start thinking about Fall projects...

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Robbie said…
I do like the rope! Except that 2nd picture looks like a snake! HA Very nice.
Cyndi L said…
Oh that's so funny!! Snakes don't bother me...unlike it never even occurred to me!
Praevka said…
Nice spiral, especially I like the two tones of red you've used.
aleta said…
Hi Cyndi! good to see that there is still some interest in the indespiral and thanks for posting . I still sell the tutorial in my Etsy shop here:
Thanks again :) - Aleta
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, Praevka! Aleta, I'll put your link in the body of the post so people can find it more easily!