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Seashell necklace for a young lady

It was a long hot summer here in New England this year.  At the end of the summer, I was asked to make this shell necklace for a young girl from the shells she and her Mom gathered on the beach.  We chose light blue cord to string them up, and here's how I did it:

Cut three cords to about a yard each.  I knotted them all together at one end and set them aside.


Choose the shells that you want to use and lay them out in order, more or less.  I chose shells that already had a hole in the top curve, and if need be, enlarged it slightly with a thick needle tool.

Always working with two strands at a time, overhand knot them for a few inches past your initial knot.  Alternate which strands you are using.  When you get to the section where you want your shells to be, string one cord through the hole and knot that cord with one of the two free cords.  Continue this process, alternating which of the three cords you are using, and using two at a time.

Add some knots without shells to match the first side.  Tie both ends to the loops on a magnetic clasp.  The cords will be much longer than you need, so you will have to trim the ends.  I like magnetic clasps for young children.  If you ever needed to get the necklace off quickly. All it takes is a tug. 

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tappingflamingo said…
What a fun necklace! I love wearing shells...all year long!