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An open-centered triangular bail

Earlier this month, I showed you some beadwoven bails that I was working on to top off and embellish my bead embroidered pendants.  Well, I found another one that I like very much in Diane Fitzgerald's book Shaped Beadwork.  On page 33, Diane shows a double-layered triangle with an opening in the middle.  Instead of stitching the whole thing together around the edges, I stitched only the top edge.  Since the two layers are joined in the middle around the opening, that forms a nice little tube along the top for your necklace strap to go through.

I found through experimentation that the size of the entire triangle needs to be enlarged from Diane's instructions.  It's simple to do this, just adding as many more rounds as you like.  An alternative, which is what I did in the sample shown here, is to just peyote stitch increases along the top edge of one layer, and then zip it to the other side.  That keeps the entire bail smaller, but still accommodates the necklace.   
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Beautiful bail Cyndi, it's a stand alone piece in it's own right without even the thought of adding a pendant to it. Simplicity is a wonderful thing, I can imagine having one of every colour to match any outfit.. Wishing you a wonderful week & much creativity. Tracey x
Cyndi L said…
I could certainly see a whole set of them strung on one of these necklace cords Great idea, Tracey! And I would do exactly that if I didn't love bead embroidery so so so much ;-)