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Petroglyph bead embroidered pendant

Not available for sale...sorry!

Years and years ago, my running group and I ran across the Grand Canyon.  We started at the North Rim on the North Kaibab Trail and then picked up the Bright Angel Trail, which took us up to the South Rim.  It's a run of about 24 miles, 2 miles shorter than a marathon, but much much harder.  It was the hardest run I've ever done, and it made me feel like nothing was out of reach.  The next day, I picked up a pin that was decorated with stylized petroglyphs common to the area.

Smithsonian magazine

I wanted to still be able to wear it as a pin, but decided to also turn it into a pendant.  It would have been easy enough to simply glue on a nice bail, but I like the few simple rows of bezeling and frame embellishment that I added.  Very simple...nothing to detract from the pin design.  And the back features a plain square stitch loop to accommodate the necklace cord. 

Adding a bead embroidered frame to a pin is super simple, but there are lots of other items that you can use for your embroidery that may not be able to be bezeled in such a straight-forward way.  My e-book Arm Candy shows how to upcycle, attach, and integrate just about anything to your own mixed media bead embroidery work.

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