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Arm Candy

by Cyndi Lavin

Are you a collector of broken treasures that you long to integrate into your bead embroidery pieces? Are you frustrated, because beaded bezels don't always work for some of these objects? Do you sometimes hesitate to cut up an already-broken piece because "some day" you might find the perfect stone with which to repair it?

Well, hesitate no longer!

Arm Candy will teach you a dozen ways to attach your collected treasures to your beadwork. It also contains four complete step-by-step bracelet projects, which include design tips and detailed instructions that will help you create a masterpiece with whatever baubles you have available.

Because it is highly unlikely that you will have a collection of pieces identical to my own, I have refrained from giving exact bead counts and measurements, but have instead emphasized the principles of design choices. For this reason, Arm Candy is not really a beginner book, although a determined beginner will learn from the start how to make pieces that are truly her own!
Arm Candy, 62 pages, $3 US


Unknown said…
wow, thanks so much - now I know what to do with a whole bunch of old brooches where the backs have come off!!