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Sun Moon + Stars: a bead embroidered pendant

Available!  Leave me a comment

I fell in love with this pretty cabochon made by Susana Paredes!  When you have a super-colorful piece like this to work with, it's hard to narrow down to just a few colors for the beadwork, but if you don't, it can end up being really chaotic.  That's ok if that's what you're after.  As for me, I prefer to pick one or two main colors and fill in with neutrals.  At least most of the time!

When it came to the wrapped wire beads hanging from the crescent, I added a few more of the cabochon colors, and kept it asymmetrical but balanced.  If you need instruction on making a wrapped loop, there's a tutorial at the link using large gauge wire so you can really see what's being done.    

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