Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Making a Cherry Donut…necklace

Cherry Donut is constructed with beading wire, so it works up really quickly and easily!

Large cherrry quartz donut (mine is about 2-1/2″ across)
Size 8/0 seed bead mix
16 triangle beads
4 mm bicone scrystals (Swarovski)
4 mm rounds
10 mm facetted rounds
9×6 mm crow beads
crimp tubes, 2 size #2 and 2 size #3
Bronze s-hook and 2 rings
Medium weight beading wire, 2 pieces 20 - 25″ long

Wire cutters
Chain nose pliers
Measuring tape

1. Add enough seed beads to the middle of a strand of beading wire to wrap around the donut. Pass both wires through a triangle bead and a #2 crimp. Flatten the crimp and cover it with a large-holed crow bead.

2. Bead up the strand, alternating between passing both wires through crow beads, large facetted rounds, and triangles, and then splitting the wires to pass through seed beads and 4 mm accent beads.

3. At the top of the strand, pass both wires through a #3 crimp, through one of the rings, and back down through the large crimp and a few more beads. Flatten the crimp and clip off the end, tucking it into the next bead.

4. Repeat for the other strand, and attach the S-hook to one of the rings, tightening it down. Leave the other end loose so you can hook and unhook the necklace.

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