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The Basics: Suppliers to get you started

Here is a list for you which will be updated as we go, of various Suppliers that I’ve found to be reliable and good to deal with. So that you don't have to bookmark it, you can always find this link in The Basics, listed in the sidebar.

Seed bead suppliers

Vintage bead suppliers

Czech glass bead suppliers

Gemstone bead suppliers

Swarovski crystal suppliers

Antique and trade bead suppliers

Full-service catalog suppliers

Venetian and Murano glass bead suppliers

Metal bead suppliers

Polymer, clay, and porcelain bead suppliers

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Hi. I came across your website, and noticed that you've created a link with suppliers. I would like to introduce you to Stones and Findings. We are a jewellery component wholesaler from Toronto canada. we ship and sell all over the world. Feel free to visit our site at I also think your readers might be interested in the large variety of articles that we have on the website relating to jewellery making and starting your own business. Cheers!
its always a headache for me looking for trusted vintage suppliers.
thanks so much for this list! weehee!!
Hi, Great list!

Another great poly clay supplier is Kristie Lou Brigham of Sculpted Windows Jewelry. She makes poly face cabs and beads and is very talented. She has an Etsy shop and an eBay store.

Check her shop out, you'll be glad you did...
Cyndi L said…
Glad this will help, Zoe! I have either purchased from, or know someone who has purchased from each of the companies listed, and we think well of all of them.
Cyndi L said…
Thanks for the link, Kerri!