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How to make time…

Well, how to make the Time to Run necklace at any rate! Wish that I knew how to make more time in each day :-)
Time to Run

Materials - Metal parts from Beadaholique
3 copper discs, 26 mm
4 hammered oval links, 20 mm
Copper curb link bracelet, cut in half
5 ” piece of heavy brass chain, cut in half
12 ” piece of small copper curb chain, cut in three
4 brass jump rings, 8 mm
12 copper jump rings, 6 mm
Miscellaneous watch parts
Two-part epoxy resin

Flat nose pliers
Wire cutters

1. Attach oval links together with copper jump rings as shown. Add dangling 4 ” pieces of small copper chain and copper discs with jump rings.

2. Attach oval links to the brass chain pieces with large brass jump rings.

3. Attach copper bracelet chain to each end of the brass chain with large brass jump rings , with the clasp on the outside to use as a necklace clasp.

4. Stir up some epoxy resin and use to adhere watch parts to copper discs.