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Book Review: Making Polymer Clay Beads

Making Polymer Clay Beads
by Carol Blackburn

Don’t hate me because I’m not a polymer clay person! Please!

If I decided tomorrow that I wanted to make polymer clay beads, this would be the book I’d choose to take me on that journey. I almost fell victim to polymer clay fever as I read through this gorgeous book! Carol Blackburn starts with the most basic of information that a polymer newbie would need to know, including information of the various brands and additional materials that you might want to use, tools that are nice to have, and basic techniques and baking instructions. She then leads you step by step through additional techniques that you will need for making all the blended colors, special shapes, canes, inlays, transfers, and other special effect beads you could want. Each technique is beautifully photographed.

But wait, there’s more. So much more.

The second half of the book is devoted to faux techniques. This is where I almost lost my resolve and started making a list of colors to buy! Carol shows you how to make wood, ivory, amber, leather, abolone, malachite, turquoise, and so so so much more. I was astounded. I wanted to play with clay.

I wanted to buy Carol’s beads, but I’m not sure she sells them!


diamondix said…
Carol's book is one of the best on Polymer Clay beads. So glad I was able to purchase this book and refer to it alot.