Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Online jewelry design tools

Help, help! I know nothing about formal design theory! What do balance, unity, line, color, movement, and contrast have to do with making jewelry? Don’t despair. If you don’t have time or funds for a college-level course on design, check out some of the best the web has to offer:

Formal Visual Analysis
A good introductory article by Jeremy Glatstein on the elements and principals of composition.

Art, Design, and Visual Thinking
An entire online design course by Charlotte Jirousek.

Common Questions on Design
By Sara Sanford, written for Lapidary Journal.

50 Ways to Become a Better Designer
Tips supplied by various artists.

The Color Wheel and Itten’s Color Theory

Best Books on Design


Virtual Beadboard
A beading project design tool.

Swarovski Crystal Design Board
Especially good for calculating the numbers.

Intelligirl Jewelry Maker
Designed specifically for kids, but may still be useful for simple designs.

Interactive Beadwork Designer
For loomwork, especially Native American patterns.

Gallery of Design Ideas
By Fire Mountain Gems for when you need some inspiration.

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