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Becoming a clothes horse

I'm not one! Honest to goodness, cross my heart. But I do have what I always thought of as a perfectly adequate selection of clothing, something just right for every occasion.

Apparently not.

The wonderful ladies from HGTV did their recon mission at my house yesterday, and everything looks fine...except for me! Here's the problem: you can't wear red, prints, anything textured, shiney, metallic, beaded, sequinned, ribbed, or lustrous.

OK, that's everything in my wardrobe!

They apologized profusely and said that this had simply never happened before. No problem, I've got time to find long as I can find it in stores that are filled with nothing but the sherbet pastels that I hate! So yesterday afternoon, on Father's Day no less, my wonderful loving long-suffering husband took me to the mall to look for a plain non-red top. I don't like malls. Neither does he.

Long story short, I did find a (hopefully) suitable top (guess I'll find out tomorrow!) and we ended up going over to the movie theater with the kids to see Batman. It rocks, and the day was saved. Thank you Mike ~ I owe you!

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