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It was fun!

Ryan, Celia, Lorelei, & Eric

Well, I had a really good time taping for HGTV's show. I don't know if I drove them crazy or not, but they were very nice to me. I think that singing publicly and in a recording studio has helped me to control my breathing when I'm nervous, so at least my voice wasn't shakey. But I was very nervous! No cue cards ~ we just figure out what I'm going to do next and I do it while trying to explain at the same time. That went ok, but then Celia would say, "Great! Now look up at the camera and say it again." Do you think I could remember what I had just said?? Nope, not a chance.

My big phrase of the day was, "What did I just say?"

When he got home, my husband asked if I'd do it again...

...Oh yeah! In a heartbeat :-)

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Anonymous said…
I just found your blog by accident, a happy accident. I had to laugh when I read that you forgot what you just said. I was filmed for Crafter coast to coast last month and I thought it was just me who had couldn't remember what I had just uttered seconds ago! Love your jewelry and your site. I'll be looking for your segment next fall!
Cyndi L said…
Oh good Heather! That means that either we're both incompetent film stars, or that it's a really common experience. I'm going with the second :-) When my hands are busy, I'm just not paying that much attention to what I'm saying...