Monday, July 25, 2005

Complete Pearl Spiral

Pearl Spiral

I finally got around to clipping those threads and finishing off the spiral I started last week. I had some beautiful vermeil beads and other findings that came from the last bead show, and they seemed to go really well with the colors of seed beads. I felt like this one could go either way ~ silver or gold ~ since the beads are a mixture of warm and cool tones, but I really wanted to emphasize the bronze seed beads. I don't think you can really see them as they are in the scan ~ they are matte finished, but with an iridescent glow. Very cool.

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Lone Ranger said...

You are truly talented. E-mail me if your creations are for sale anywhere.

Cyndi L said...

That's very kind of you :-) I'll email you my website links.

Lone Ranger said...

oops, stupid me. They're for sale right here.

Lone Ranger said...

OK, this little beauty is now mine. What really sold it was not just that it looked good, but the fresh water pearls. To me, the difference between a trinket and a piece of jewelry is whether it has some sort of precious stone or gem as a componant. The pearls pushed it over the line. And knowing that there aren't a thousand like it is also a great selling point.

Cyndi L said...

Well that's great! I always am concerned that they should go to a good home :-)

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