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Here they are...

It was pointed out to me that some people would rather see pictures of the pieces that got in the book than a picture of the book! Well, ok, twist my arm :-) My pictures are not anywhere near as nice as the ones the photographer took for Sara Withers's book, but here they are:

The first one is vintage lucite beads from several necklaces, repurposed. The second one is very simple, but uses the most beautiful moakite beads. I was somewhat surprised by the choices, but hey...who am I to argue?

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I can see why you were wondering about the choices - they are so very different but definitely both so wonderful – the top is so fun yet elegant and the bottom so earthy yet elegant – elegance must be the key ingredient :)
Cyndi L said…
Thanks Pam!

It struck me as particularly odd, because in the beginning I was contacted about my large bead-embroidered neckpieces :-)