Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I need help with a name!

Is anyone clever with naming pieces? This necklace is made from muslin fabric beads, hand-dyed, ceramic beads, and wire. I'm at a total loss. Help!!

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Lynn said...

I think it looks wonderfully tribal! How about Tribal Tribute? Or, Tribal Trifle? Or, Drum Beat?

Cyndi L said...

Ooooooo! "Drum Beat"! I *really* like that. I like "tribal" names too, but I've already used that term for a few pieces. "Drum Beat" is really fresh and new.

Thanks so much :-)

Derek Andrews said...

Spiral Galaxy after the spirals in the roll-ups and the wire?

Cyndi L said...

OK, so now I need to make one in blue and purple and silver so that I can use that name!

Thanks Derek :-)

Anonymous said...

Muslin Woman, Veil Removed

Cyndi L said...

Wow...that's really clever!

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