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Carnival of the Creators #15

I received a boatload of submission this time for the newest Carnival! I'm really excited to be able to share some blogs with you all that are a bit different from our usual fare...not that there's a thing wrong with the usual either! But this time, I found literary posts, performance art posts, and some that I hardly even know how to characterize :-)

Anyway, let's get started. Here are some fabulous blogs for you to visit, in no particular order!

Michelle is sharing "6 fun ways to carry trash" on the American Inventorspot blog. It's not what you think...she's sharing handbags made from recycled materials! Great stuff.

My friend Bobbi tends to pick up trash too :-) In this case, it's a poor pitiful doll that she has given new life.

Pamela has written a great post on what she calls "Great Writing about Writing"...she shares a number of books that are not only beautifully written, but are about the art of writing!

My friend Tammy has written a post about a topic that particularly touched me: giving ourselves permission to do the art that we want to without always worrying about the resale potential. She focuses on beading, but you can apply Tammy's insights to any media you desire.

Another friend, Derek, has shared the incredible process he goes through to secure his materials before any art can be done. I'm not going to tell you what it have to go look. I promise you'll find it fascinating!

Derek suggested a second post from another blog for your enlightenment as well. (Do you see how my friends are stuffing the Carnival full of their own stuff? You've got to submit to the next Carnival if you want to see your own stuff here instead!) Anyway, Derek has posted about the current state of the art among woodturners. Oops, now you have a clue about Derek's other post, but hopefully you've already visited it so the surprise wasn't spoiled!)

Joe sent me a link to a post that completely baffled me at first! I've never heard of corde lisse before. You have to see what Joe does! You may consider it more of a sport, but I definitely think it falls into the broad category of performance art!

Isabella discusses "Art that makes a difference" in her blog called Change Therapy. She lists the books, films, and music that have changed her life, and invites her readers to do the same.

Katelyn presents a moving poem called "Dream Man" on her Alzheimer's advocacy blog. Her blog's main focus is to provide support for Alzheimer's patient caregivers. It's titled "Life Without Memories" and it made me cry. Visit it. Please.

There are only a few posts at Denise's new blog called "Glintlit Gloss", but it promises to be a very interesting one to track. She is planning on documenting her renovation of an older home!

Cecelia has made a little foray into the art of crewel embroidery, and she shares both the results of her adventure and also a link to a site with kits.

One of my new pals, Angela, has sent me a blog post on making nursing necklaces! Now I had never heard of these before, but I wish I had since it would have saved my hair countless times! (How many of you are aware that babies like to pull whatever they can get their chubby little mitts on?)

And last, my own mixed media blog, Layers Upon Layers, recently featured a tutorial on embellishing your collages with embroidery.

That's it for this month! Next month will be hosted on my friend Amy's blog, Exalted Beauty, so get your submissions in right away!

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Denise Thea said…
This is going to be so much fun. Such interesting blogs!
Thanks for posting mine. Lots of upcoming blogs as we redo the Glintlit House. Posting one this morning on mosaic of a fireplace . . .
Cyndi L said…
You're welcome Denise! I can't wait to see how your house shapes up :-)
Anonymous said…
Excellent carnival! Thanks for doing this Cydni
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