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My next project (it's smiling at you...)

I'm not exactly sure where this one is going. I know that I'm going to make beaded cabochons out of each of the seven beads (from Jeanne Kent of New Terra Artifacts).

I've just run out of silver delicas, so the one that's in progress up there in the picture will remain like that until my order comes in. I'm going to go ahead and start each of the others, and just leave a thread behind that I can go back and finish each with.

I'm planning on hooking them all together somehow, but I'm just not exactly certain what it will all look like. Do you ever start out projects like that? Uncertain where you're going, but pretty sure you're going to end up somewhere? Sorry, I don't believe in the "Muse", or in waiting for it to speak. What I believe in is getting down to work!

If I waited for the "Muse", I'd get very little done :-)

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