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New paua shell piece

ahndmade beaded jewelry

It took me most of the weekend to even decide what I was going to make next :-) I kind of got side-tracked on making these cute little skinny scarves for holiday gifts this year. I've never made them before, but I figured, "how hard can they be?"


They're not hard at all, but they're really hard to stop making!! I'm telling you, they're addictive. It didn't help that I stopped into Michael's this morning to buy some over-sized knitting needles, and there were bins and bins of wonderful (and CHEAP!!) fantasy yarns in every color of the rainbow.

I limited myself to blue, but still came home with three new skeins...

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Betzie said…
Hi Cnydi,
I love Michael's...I went last week one day and spent three hours there! I have to look in every aisle. Funny, I came home with knitting needles too! My first pair...I decided I wanted to teach myself to knit this winter...after the holidays when I have more time, but they are sitting in the bag waiting for me along with two skeins of some super pretty yarn...I couldn't resist the colors. I look forward to it as a calming activity after all the hustle/bustle!
Cyndi L said…
OK! We'll have to compare notes after we've worked on our new projects for awhile! I've been crocheting forever, but got it into my head that I'd like to try those huge oversized plastic knitting needles. With fuzzy yarn, you can't see how uneven my stitches are LOL!!