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Close up of "Dreaming of Spring"

I sent "Dreaming of Spring" off yesterday as a submission for the new Altered Couture special issue that Belle Armoire is planning. The deadline for entries isn't until June 15, so you've got plenty of time to think about it and plan your entry! Don't let me do this all alone :-)

Anyway, when I finished embellishing the brim of this vintage hat, it still seemed to be missing something. And there it was, sitting right on my work table, waiting...this cute little vintage rhinestone bee pin. I had already come up with the name I wanted to use, "Dreaming of Spring". Obviously the name was referring to the bee...I just hadn't quite figured it out yet!

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Anonymous said…
How did the hat entry go. Have you heard anything back from Belle Armoire yet?
Anonymous said…
Sounds very good! You'll certainly hear from them!
Anonymous said…
The style of the hat immediately caught my attention. The style was very unique and fashionable. I love to wear it this summer