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"Native Dance" has come home

Native Dance was in my mailbox yesterday. This piece is supposedly going to be in the "Altered Couture" section of the next issue of Belle Armoire Magazine. Publishing schedules can change rapidly, however, so I can't swear to it! When I think about the logistics of putting together issue after issue of a popular magazine, it makes me so happy that I just write for them instead of edit or publish them :-)

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Elaine Ray said…
Wow! You must have been glad to have Native Dance back in your hands. That is beautiful, and I bet it quietly sings (jingles) to you as you wear it. Jewelry that not only looks good, but also makes a bit of sound as it is worn is hard to come by. Hope it makes it into Belle Armoire!
- Elaine Ray
Wow that's a gorgeous necklace!
Anonymous said…
I’m really digging that necklace you posted. Very native American in my opinion. I like jewelry of all sorts, traditional, gaudy, upscale, cheap, fun, and shiny! Normally I wear things like mokume titanium inlay rings and tacky necklaces but I’d love to have something like this on hand for special occasions. I think it’d go over well with people too since no one I know has anything like that in their wardrobe.