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Making a V-pendant necklace

1 mm satin cord, 2 pieces @ 120 inches, 1 piece @ 40 inches
3 soldered sterling silver rings
Sterling silver S-hook
V-Pendant (from New Terra Artifacts)
2 head pins
4 - 2mm silver round beads
2 silver daisy spacers
3-4 accent beads
GS Hypo tube cement

Large tapestry needle
Flat nose pliers
Chain nose pliers
Wire cutters

1. Tie the three pieces of cord together into a loose knot at one end, leaving a few inches for a tail.

2. Use the two long cords to tie half hitches around the shorter central cord.

3. When the one strap is long enough (mine is 9 inches), thread the cords down through one of the holes in the V-pendant.

4. String on one of the silver rings, and thread the cords up through the other hole in the pendant.

5. At the top, resume knotting up the other side.

6. Tie the cords around a ring on each side and use the tapestry needle to work the cords back down into the strap for a few stitches.

7. Glue the cords and clip off close when dry.

8. Create two wrapped loop beaded dangles around the ring on the bottom. Attach the S-hook, and that’s it!

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