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The Basics: Information & tutorials to get you started

I spent some time looking back over the Jewelry & Beading blog, and I decided that it was way past time to update our list of all the posts that will give you the basic info you need to get started in beading and jewelry-making. Tammy Powley, who was the original editor of Jewelry & Beading, provided an absolute treasure trove of tutorials and information. I’ve attempted to pick up where Tammy left off and have added my own 2-cents worth. So that you don't have to bookmark it, you can always find this link in The Basics, listed in the sidebar.
Which kind of jewelry to start making
How to string gemstone and pearl jewelry
Determining hole and bead size
Making a wrapped wire loop
Getting started with making wire jewelry
Beading wire vs silver wire
Adding new jewelry methods - start simple
Considering your jewelry clasp
Jump ring problems
Do not fear your torch
Copper jewelry skills
Filing jewelry
A blank bead board
The Tri-Cord Knotter
Test drive your jewelry
Jewelry making safety tips
Free jewelry e-courses
Finding jewelry classes
Design school directory
Bombarded by beads
You need a lot of beads
Organizing your beads and jewelry making supplies
Jewelry tool reviews
25 DIY jewelry sites
My favorite jewelry forums
Bead embroidery techniques
The Library - the best beading and jewelry books
Making your own beads
Online color training and tools
Online jewelry design tools
Loom beadweaving
The best seed bead books
Wirework basics
The best of the basics online
Creativity online
Lampwork and hot glass forums
Metal clay resources
Suppliers to get you started
Spiral square stitch
Working with Copper Clay
An easy bead embroidery project
A freeform peyote beaded bead
Easy beaded flowers
Lizard barrettes
Polymer clay swirl necklace
Jewelry education
Know your jewelry terms

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