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Creating an optical lens pendant

This is a project that I filmed for HGTV a couple of years ago. It was filmed in the heat of an early summer day, and didn't air until mid-December. It was a trip, I'll tell you that!


vintage optical test lens (to purchase lenses)
photo to use on pendant (original will not be harmed)
clear fixative spray (Krylon Clear Acrylic Spray)
chain tag
head pin
assorted beads
Golden’s Polymer Medium or Diamond Glaze
bail or jump ring

photo-editing software on computer (colored photocopies can be substituted)
1-1/2 inch hole punch
pliers: chain nose and round wire cutters

1. Scan and alter a photo using image software into a 1-1/2 inch square. Print out on quality white printer paper.

2. Spray lightly with fixative and let it dry.

3. Cut out picture with a 1-1/2 inch hole punch. Cut out a 1-1/2 inch-circle out of plain white paper too.

4. Pick beads that complement the colors in the picture and thread beads onto a headpin. Create a wrapped loop through the hole in the drop loop, and set it aside.

5. Apply a thin coating of polymer medium to the back of the optical test lens, brushing from the center outward to the rim. Quickly center and stick the picture down with the picture facing the glass, burnishing with your finger from the center outward to the rim.

6. Apply a thin coat of polymer medium to the back of the picture and stick the drop loop with the dangling beads in place at the bottom of the lens with only the hole hanging below the level of the rim.

7. Apply another thin coat of polymer medium and cover with the plain white paper circle. Let it dry and coat the back of this circle with a final thin layer of polymer medium.

8. Slide a bail or a jump ring through the hole in the top of the test lens handle.

9. Make a necklace out of matching beads and attach it to the bail or jump ring.

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Jonine Clare said…
I have seen many instructions for variations on this theme, but I am unable to locate the optical lenses. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
Cyndi L said…
Oh sheesh! I used to have the link in the post but I see that somehow it's become deactivated...sorry.
Here it is: