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Books, books, and more books!

I've got a rather impressive birthday coming up next month. You know, one of the ones with a ZERO at the end? All my loved ones want to know what I want, and the answer is...not much! I'm a pretty content person overall. But I do have a special fondness and weakness for books.

So I'm asking you: what books should I buy? Please don't feel you have to confine yourself to suggesting jewelry or beading books...I'm really open to suggestions in most art fields. Maybe even open to books that have nothing much to do with art. But only maybe :-)

So far, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to ask for Ann Baldwin's Creative Paint Workshop for Mixed Media Artists, and Jacqueline Sullivan's dvd called Acrylics: Textures, layers and metallics. Anything I should add to my list?

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jodi said…
It isn't a beading book, but I just finished reading Julia Child's "My Life in France". I found it totally inspiring and really interesting.
Cyndi L said…
Yes, I would love to read that! I have always loved Julia Child, and am looking forward to seeing the new movie too. Thanks, that is definitely a GREAT suggestion :-)