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Fourth Day of Creation

I made this multi-strand necklace for my friend Sherry. She wanted something that celebrated the fourth day of Creation, and she wanted me to make it for her! I was thrilled and flattered. Sherry is just about the perfect person to work for on a commission such as this: She knows the general style, weight, colors, and images that she wants, but she never crosses the line into micro-managing.

Her necklace became a three-strand affair, but still ended up relatively lightweight. I used a bead embroidered centerpiece, chosing a lovely fused glass bead made by my friend Jeanne Kent (New Terra Artifacts). The piece also features several beads that I bought when we visited Venice and Murrano last year...I hoard these, so you can guess that Sherry is very special to me!

Like I said, there are three strands:

  • The heaviest strand features a gorgeous string of lapis beads, interspersed with crystals and glass.
  • The second strand alternates hammered oval loops with wired clusters of beads.
  • The lightest strand is size 8/0 seed beads accented with 4mm stone, glass, and crystal.

All three strands are twisted together and anchored with strategically placed jump rings. The central bead embroidered piece is very similar to the Beaded Cabochon Pendants that I've already shared with you.

Finally, once the necklace strands and central pendant were fully assembled, I spread out the charms and decided where to attach each one with a jump ring.

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Duchess said…
Wow! What an amazing design. I love the celestial elements in this piece and the mix of components is dazzling.

Thanks for sharing this Cyndi!

Cyndi L said…
Thank you, Duchess! I was really happy with how it came out, but more importantly, Sherry was happy with it :-)
A Beaded Affair said…
Fabulous piece. Really stunning.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, Lois :-)