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Book review: Beading Across America

Beading Across America: Jewelry Inspiration from Coast to Coast 

Beading Across America is a new Kalmbach publication, with the usual high standards for photography and illustration.  What is unusual is that there is really no controlling theme to the book other than the personal style of the artists who were invited to participate.  How I wish there were 50 projects!  There are 30, and they are at all different skill levels and use all different types of techniques, so everyone is sure to find something new to challenge them. 

Some of my favorite artists are represented here: Carol Wilcox Wells, NanC Meinhardt, Margie Deeb, and Beverly Ash Gilbert to name but a few.  And I came across some artists who are sure to become new favorites of mine...people whose work I didn't know before, but which has captivated me.  Suzanne Golden is one, the creator of a fabulous black and white tubular peyote bracelet that I am lusting after.  And then there is Darcy Horn, who created a freeform peyote bracelet, very different from Suzanne's but equally drool-worthy. 

Great fun, and lots to choose from to either inspire you or to challenge you to try something new!

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Anonymous said…
That sounds like a very interesting book, thanks for sharing.
Kim said…
great review Cyndi- I think it sounds like a very fun book too- thank you!!
Anonymous said…
I've drooled over it aleady but I haven't purchased it, yet. :-)
jamberry_song said…
I saw this in the book store and had a quick leaf-through. Great review!