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Our trip to Guatemala

Mike and I took our second working vacation to Tzanchaj Atitlan, Guatemala last month.  You won't find Tzanchaj actually on the map at this link; it is located about 5 miles southwest of Santiago Atitlan, and is just a tiny little village right next to Panabaj, the scene of total devastation during the 2005 mudslides caused by Hurricane Stan.  Our first trip was in 2007 when our son decided to stay there for two years to work in an orphanage rather than come home and finish college.  Now he is married and has a three year old daughter, and has been back working there since February 2010. 

You can read my travel log, if you are interested, on Mixed Media Artist.

We did take an hour or so to go shopping in Santiago Atitlan.  Here are some fabrics that I purchased.  Since I left my clothes at the orphanage when we departed, our suitcase was no heavier than before! 

 Hand Embroidery

 Lightweight scarves

 Heavier shawls

Hand embroidered table runner

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