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Book review: Jill Wiseman's Beautiful Beaded Ropes

I have always been crazy about beaded ropes, because I think they're such a great way to feature a special focal bead without overwhelming it.  But even though I've always loved them, I've never really gone beyond some very simple twisted spirals, tubular peyote, and right-angle weave variations.  That's all about to change, because Jill Wiseman's Beautiful Beaded Ropes has now got me thinking about tubular netting and herringbone, which I have not played with beyond just making a few samples to see how it's done.

I love the way this book is organized.  All the stitches and basic techniques are introduced in the first chapter, and then Jill moves on to dedicate a chapter to each stitch, more or less in the order of difficulty: spiral, peyote, netted, herringbone, RAW, and ending with a special bonus.  The last chapter features a few stitches that are much less common, and are very very cool looking: Oglala stitch (butterfly stitch), chevron stitch, and a complex variation on peyote.  All good stuff.

The projects are beautiful.  I've found several that I really want to try, and you know that when someone like me who is primarily a bead embroiderer says that, I'm really hooked!  Lark Publications is responsible for this gorgeous book, and if you'd like to try before you buy, Lark has made that possible.  There are two projects available at each of two links!  Four free projects in all!  

Flirtation Bracelet

Bohemian Earrings

French Quarter Lariat

Ray of Light Bracelet

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