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Bridging the Gap

Chapter Three of Some Assembly Required is ready to go, and the chapter title is Bridging the Gap!  If you've been following along with this project, you know that I've been writing about how to create a bead embroidered necklace out of smaller components, as opposed to the large solidly beaded collars that many of us learned to make.  Well, we've finally gotten to the point in the journey where we have to start doing something with these gorgeous components!

Enter, Bridging the Gap.  In this 66 page chapter, you'll learn five different methods for creating bridges between components to hook them all together, each of which includes multiple variations.  In addition, I decided that you might like to have some techniques for creating even more dimensional texture on your bridges, similar to the texture we added to the components in Chapter Two.  While you will not want to add this extra texture to every necklace, when it is appropriate, it can help to unify your piece across all the components and bridges.

You can see information on both of my e-books at this link, or visit this direct link if you already know you want a copy!


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Sarah Sequins said…
Cyndi, I'm so excited for this latest chapter!!! Connecting little pieces is the thing I'm struggling with most at the moment.

Thanks! <3
Jill said…
How exciting! I am having fun collecting your wonderful chapters! I didn't know about your bead embroidery book, can't wait to get into it! Thanks so much for sharing your wealth of beautiful knowledge!
Congratulations on another chapter, Cyndi.

As always, the photos are gorgeous. I can't wait to read the instructions and tips.
Cherie said…
Yay another chapter! I love your pictures on here, too.