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Book review: Working With Polymer Clay

I have seen a lot of books on working with polymer clay, and I've even been asked to create a few beginner projects myself (scary thought!), so you'll have to pardon me for telling you about yet another polymer clay guide.  THIS IS THE ONE YOU NEED!  Lori Wilkes has written Working With Polymer Clay as an entry into the popular The Absolute Beginners Guide series by Kalmbach Books.  Yes, folks, it is a winner.

So many of the polymer clay books look alike.  You'll see pretty much the same techniques, advice, and even styles.  Not so with this book.  Plus, what you almost never get are projects of this quality.  If you need to be convinced, just spend some time looking through Lori's websites: Millori and Lori Wilkes on Etsy.

Faux Turquoise...amazingly realistic!  You need to
see a larger version of this on Lori's website.

Oh yeah...this is definitely someone that I want to learn clay from.  Just because the techniques are for beginners doesn't have to mean that the projects are same old same old.  Trust me, I know about that, because basic and same old is all I can do!  I'm so happy to find a polymer clay book that has such beautiful beginner projects that I might just be persuaded to dig out my clay and try again!

One of my favorite styles, which Lori was kind enough to send me pictures of, is the transparent jelly roll cane earrings.  I don't want to make earrings...I want a whole batch of cabochons for my bead embroidery!  

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