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Making a sparkly button ring

A guest post by The Bead Shop, where you can shop for all your jewellery making needs!

With Vintage style products popping up everywhere this season, this cute and sparkly button ring is right on trend and is just the thing to wow your friends with.  It’s so simple to make and can be made in minutes with just a few basic ingredients. 

You will need:
1 metre of 1mm Craft Wire
12 x 4mm beads
1 x 2 hole button, approximately 20mm
12 x headpins in corresponding colour.
Ring Mandrel
Wire Cutters

First of all take 12 4mm beads, and thread each one onto a separate headpin.  Now make a wrapped loop on each of these.  We have chosen to use 4mm Czech faceted beads in 2 colours for this, however any 4mm beads or crystals will do.

Next take approximately 1metre of 1mm craft wire, fold this in half and thread on all the wrapped loops in a random order until these all hang in the bend of your wire.  Now thread the 2 ends of the wire through the two holes of the button and pull tight.  You should find that all beads fit snugly next to each other.
Now take the ring and place it onto the mandrel at the point that is approximately 2 sizes bigger than desired.  Now wrap each side end of the wire around the mandrel alternately, until each side is wrapped twice, tightly.

Now with the ring still on the mandrel, tightly wrap one end of wire around the base of the button and then repeat this with the other side.  Do this a couple more times until the button is secure.

Finally you will have to secure the ends of your wire in place.  Do this by first taking the ring off the mandrel and then wrapping each end of the wire 3 times around the band on either side of the button, now check the ring fits, if it is too big wrap the ends round a couple more times.  This will make the ring smaller.  Next trim off the excess wire and you lovely ring is finished.

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Becky Pancake said…
I like this ring. Rings are something that I have made very few of. I think I will try this one. It looks easy.
I really like this ring. I don't wear rings much, but I am going to try and make one soon. You make it look so easy in your tutorial. The one pictured looks like Christmas with all the reds.
Anonymous said…
What a great idea especially if you use really cool buttons.