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Bead sculptures: Gail Gorlitzz

Eye Sea
If you've ever felt you were stuck in a rut, just making pretty jewelry, you owe it to yourself to visit Gail Gorlitzz's site and see the astonishing sculptures she's making with seed beads.  Not your average everyday beader, for sure!

Detail of Eye Sea

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diamondix said…
Gails artistry is breathtaking in her creations of the Eye Sea. although I am not a seed beader, I certainly appreciate this talent when I see it. Dixie Ann
Unknown said…
When go to the website from my iPad all I get is a black screen.
Cyndi L said…
The site is done in flash and it loads very slowly from a black screen, even on a regular desktop. It's possible that it's too big for your pad and is crashing, or that it's just taking a long time to load.
Unknown said…
FYI for any one who is using Flash.

Flash is not available on the iPad or any other Apple mobile device. That's 25% of the phones and 50% of tablet computers. Adobe has announced it will no longer support Flash for any mobile device in the future. Considering the ever growing percentage of users accessing the net via mobile devices, you may want to think about changing to another format.