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Book review: Suzanne Golden Presents

Oh my goodness!  I read a LOT of books, obviously, for both Beading Arts and for Mixed Media Artist.  And I really really like most of them.  But it's been a long time since I have lavished so much time and attention on one book.

Suzanne Golden Presents: Interviews with 36 Artists Who Innovate with Beads  is the first in a new series by Lark Books called "Spotlight on Beading".  Some of these artists you will recognize; others I'm pretty certain you will never had heard of.  The chosen artists are very heavy on seed beads, and I am now wondering if future volumes in this series will be covering other bead types more thoroughly.  The only thing I can tell you for absolute sure is that you are going to want to see a copy of this book, or better yet, own one.  If you get it from your library, you run the risk becoming a library thief!

Eva Maria Keiser
It was very difficult to choose favorites, because there are so many amazingly unique visions represented here.  Under duress, I can point to Eva Maria Keiser's spectacular architectural beadworks, and Jeanette Ahlgren's lovely baskets full of light.  As you gaze and read, you get a sense of the artist as well as the art. For example, Jeanette answers the typical "What's your favorite part of working with beads?" thus: "When the fourth side of a piece is finished."  When asked, "How do you choose the beads you use?", she quips: "I get lucky."  A smart aleck after my own heart!

Jeanette Ahlgren
Truly, this is a book you will not want to miss.  Run, don't walk, to get a hold of a copy.

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