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Insulator pendant necklace

Last month, I showed you how to make the simple wire fitting for around the neck of this found object pendant.  I neglected, at the time, to explain how the pendant piece itself was made, since Mixed Media Month was coming up next anyway!  So here you are...

1. Here are some of the old ceramic insulators that I scavenged from my attic.  Some of them have a bit of shiny glaze on them, but most are just smooth but unfinished ceramic.  

2. I used a lampwork bead mandrel to suspend the insulator over a paper-lined bowl for decorating.

3. India ink applied all over the surface, and down into the holes at each end as far as I could reach.

4. I dusted the dried insulator with Pearl Ex powders.

5. Two or three coats of Future Floor Finish gives it a nice glossy look and seals in the powders.

6. After forming the wire fitting, I added and chain and some fibers to finish it off.

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