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Book review: Bead Meets Metal

Are you afraid of using a torch or other metal fabrication tools?  You won't be for long if you get ahold of Kay Rashka's Bead Meets Metal, published by Kalmbach Books.  This book was written specifically for 'fraidy cats like me, who love beads, (and even lampwork) but who fear metal.

Kay has a learn-as-you-go style which starts you off with mini exercises and then progresses to professional techniques including how to rivet, etch, solder, dap, saw, drill, texture and more.  Whether you work with glass, semi-precious stones, polymer clay, pearls, crystals, or metal beads, pairing them with custom-made findings will make your work truly unique.

My very favorite project is Kay's Collector's Necklace, which you'll find on page 78 and is shown above.  This one doesn't even have to be soldered if you'd prefer not!  But the real point is that with Kay's help, you'll no longer fear to solder!

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