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Book review: Metallic Seed Bead Splendor

I was very excited when this book was released because I really love Nancy Zellers's precise seed bead work.  Metallic Seed Bead Splendor does not disappoint!

Nancy starts out by helping you figure out what beads to use...there are so many more choices than a few years ago, and it can be confusing.  And then we are right into the projects.  This is not a book of previously published designs that have just been compiled around a theme.  There are 29 brand new projects, using all of your favorite bead weaving stitches: peyote, RAW, spiral rope, Cellini spiral, Dutch spiral, St Petersburg chain, daisy chain, netting, herringbone, brick, square, Russian spiral, and probably more that I can't quite remember right now!  Nancy is comfortable with them all.  This is a terrific book if you are an advanced beginner or intermediate bead weaver, and it will encourage you to try new stitches for sure!

All of the basic how-to illustrations are in the back, Kalmbach style, so if you need a quick refresher before tackling a project, not to worry.  Many of the projects include matching pieces too, so really there are actually more than 29 projects.  One of my favorite pieces is a triple St Petersburg chain bracelet.  It is simple and elegant, and deliciously comfortable to wear!

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