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Mixed media earrings tutorial

The earring blanks that I received from Fire Mountain Gems have a channel around the outside, and there are two small holes at each end of the channel.  These holes, along with the super-fine wire I received allowed me to anchor the wrapping wire at each end.  Not exactly what the blanks were designed for, but they worked perfectly.  I made these fuzzy beaded tooty-frooty earrings in less than an hour!

Materials and Tools 
Channel hoop earring blanks
Decorative yarn, ribbon, or fibers
MicroWrap steel wire
Delica seed beads
Rubberized faceted glass accent beads
Wire cutters
4 alligator clips

1. Wrap the earring blanks with fibers and hold at the ends with alligator clips.  A dab of glue is fine, but unnecessary.

2. Cut about 12" of wire and thread one end through the 2 holes at one end of an earring blank.  Wrap several times around the top of the blank and the fibers to secure, wrapping over top of the short end of the wire.

3. Add seed beads and accent beads to the wire and wrap around the blank to the opposite end.  Thread the wire through the 2 holes at that end and wrap to secure, tucking in the wire end.

4. Wrap the other earring in a similar fashion.

As regards FTC disclosure guidelines: I have received some of the above products free of charge from Fire Mountain Gems in order to write a review and/or create a project free of charge for you. 
Copyright 2014 Cyndi Lavin. All rights reserved. Not to be reprinted, resold, or redistributed for profit. May be printed out for personal use or distributed electronically provided that entire file, including this notice, remains intact.


Berina RGA said…
this is nice and different... how do I receive samples from Fire Mountain Gems to make stuff and write reviews?? Please let me knw..
Moxie Craftie
Cyndi L said…
I do not know whether they are looking for anyone else or not, but you could email them at and ask about it.
Love what you did with the hoops. What fun, funky earrings.